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The Gaia Job Center is the place to find a Gaian job or people to work in your shop, thread, or guild. A Gaian job? This isn't a real-life job where you get paid real money - this is a job where you can do tasks on Gaia [such as bumping, advertising, etc.] and get paid Gaian gold. Workers? If you need bumpers to keep your thread at the top, or more artists to work in your shop, then you can allow those people to come to you.

Note: The jobs you get will likely be outside the guild. Know that we do not guarantee that you become instantly rich, or be able to make thousands of gold. We only give you an additional way to try to make gold.

Gaia Job Center Guild:

Gaia Job Center Thread:


Chellies, being a Gaian of a few years old, had overtime discovered the wonders of the Services subforum in the Minishop Forum. After a while, she had decided she quite enjoyed being a 'bumper', working at a shop that gets paid to bump other's threads. She even created her own shop a few times, which over time closed down from lack of effort to keep it running. One day while browsing the subforums looking for a new bumping shop to work at, she sprouted an idea.

"I was browsing the forum, as I had decided I wanted to join another bumping shop. Looking was incredibly annoying - I had a hard time finding shops, and I didn't like having to scavange through threads looking for a job, then looking for pay. I wanted to see a big list of all the shops that were hiring - I wanted to see all the hiring shops in one place. So, I came up with the unique idea of a job center." - Chellies

The Gaia Job Center was originally a thread created by Chellies, called the Enkai Aoi Hiring Agency. The interesting thread had the unique idea of people posting 'forms' - those who were hiring, and those who were looking for jobs could post their forms so they could be displayed on the thread. The thread was quite successful, and received lots of replies and comments. But, life happened, and the thread slowly died. After the thread died, and summer came around, Chellies decided to recreate it as the Gaia Job Center. The thread continued on successfully, and Chellies later came up with the idea to create a guild, with the same idea, but easier for the members to update, and to get the word out.

The Gaia Job Center Guild was created on June 6, 2007, allowing Gaia members to post these 'forms', instead of patiently waiting for her to update the thread. The Guild was created with the help of KatieLuvsRemusNSirius, real life best friend of Chellies. Katie became Vice Captain of the new guild. Over a few months, the Gaia Job Center continued to become popular, making it in Gaia's Top 5 Rated Threads of the time, greatly increasing the amount of people visiting the thread. Almost too many people to keep up came. The GJC Mule was created, and the Gaia Job Center thread was redesigned and made into a new thread under the GJC Mule name. This new thread had newer options - the Gold, Silver, and Bronze featuers. Since the guild was starting to have more contests, the GJC needed money to increase the prizes, so they presented the option to haev people pay for spots higher up in the thread. A huge success, the Gaia Job Center was able to raise much money to give away during its huge events.

The guild continued to grow larger and larger, getting over 1k people, later reaching 7k. By this time, it was on the second page of the guild registry. The thread had slowly died, but Chellies then got a PM. The thread was going to be featured on the Community Spotlight! After redesigning the thread again, and giving it a new look, the Gaia Job Center thread was featured on the Community Spotlight on June 20, 2008. A huge success, the thread grew multiple pages, and the guild gained many members.

Almost two years old, the Gaia Job Center still thrives today, in both guild and thread form, helping Gaian members get jobs, hire workers, and experience new ideas on the amazing website of Gaiaonline.

Gaia Job Center: GuildEdit

The Gaia Job Center Guild is run mainly by Chellies and KatieLuvsRemusNSirius (Katie), her good friend. The GJC was one of the first job finder guilds available.

"Even back in the day, it was quite well organized. This service had been one of the most useful I had found back then. It was very popular at the time, and now, it still has many gaians joining. I'm glad to be 'one of the first'." -SnoKing

With an astonishing member population of over 15,000 and only 6 crew members, the Gaia Job Center, or GJC, is run exceptionally well. That's over 2,500 people per crew member, yet the crew members, including the captains, still manage to be attentive to all the details going on with their members.

"It's nice when the owners of the guild are so attentive, it makes me feel special... I was having some trouble with another member of the GJC. He was being rude to me and my clients. Three mods, the vice captain, and the captain of GJC all pm-ed me to ask if I wanted backup. They noticed the problem quickly and dealt with it efficiently. They were all incredibly nice and polite." - [Captin]

The Gaia Job Center Guide is located in the GJC Main as well, which tells you all you need to know, and what can be done in the GJC.

The Gaia Job Center MainEdit

The Gaia Job Center Main is where you can either find an employee or a job depending on what you're looking for. It's easy to tell what thread is looking for what, using the clever system developed by Chellies, in the title of the thread there is either a [WW] or [JW]. [WW] standing for Workers Wanted and [JW] standing for Job Wanted.

Creativity Room, TheEdit

The Creativity Room is where you can find anything having to do with the right side of the brain! Here you will find anything from art to tekteks. It's a good place to find something artsy.

GJC Exchange, TheEdit

The GJC Exchange is used in the selling, and buying, of gaia items or game items.

Holiday Room, TheEdit

The Holiday Room is a place where Chellies and Katie set up events for any holiday they feel inclined to throw a celebration for. They can set up some pretty outlandish things.

Halloween ['07] Edit

During the Halloween celebration in 2007, Chellies and Katie worked together to put up a murder mystery with clues you could read to help figure out who did what. Kind of like the game clue, members could read a thread containing pieces of evidence found in different places, and see interviews with the different suspects.

Winter Fest ['07]Edit

For the Winter Fest, Chellies created a festival meal mystery. Different known Gaian members were set to eat a holiday dinner, and the members had to, using the clues, find out who ordered what food, and who ordered what to drink.

Halloween ['08]Edit

With Halloween coming around again, the girls decided to step it up one, and out did themselves on a massive level. Like in '07, the made a murder mystery, but they took massive steps to make it better than the one from the year before. The developed a plot for another exceeding interesting mystery, but this time, when they set it up, they had clickable links for choices you could choose as you went about trying to figure out who had killed Darrien, the drummer of the famous band Gems, Jewels, and Crayons (which spells out GJC ;D). It was like a click adventure, and you were not limited to a preset path, but could carve you own as you went on the adventure to find the murderer before he struck again.

These girls have a passion for mystery, as even some of their Christmas events center around solving something or other.

Winter Ball ['08]Edit

For the Winter Holidays of 2008, a stolen-ring mystery was set up. Using images from The Sims 2, members got a chance to look at suspicious pictures and observe characters actions during the Winter Ball, and they could even personally interview them! Chellies and Katie set up threads acting as the suspects of the stolen-ring mystery, and members could post in the thread asking the characters any questions they wanted to.

Roleplaying Room, TheEdit

The Roleplaying Room was once dead, and in all honesty non-existent, but with the care and love of Katie, she brought it back to life, where it thrives now. The Roleplaying Room is a great place to go to if you want to Roleplay and make friends. The people in the room are extremely friendly and supportive.

"They're kind of like my Gaia family." -KatieLuvsRemusNSirius

Spam Room, ThyEdit

Thy Spam Room is the place to go to just talk, hang out, play games, advertise, bum for gold, vote in polls, and meet new people. This is where miscellaneous stuff can be found. This is the subforum where you can do basically anything.

Gaia Job Center: ThreadEdit

[quoting from the Gaia Job Center Thread]

The Gaia Job Center allows you to fill out a form [see the 9th post for forms] and post it here. Then, people that come by and see this thread will see your form here, and if they want to hire you they can PM you and you can get a job. If people that are looking for a job come by and see this thread, they might see that you're hiring people, and offer to work for you. We do ask that before scrolling to the bottom and posting a form, on yoru way down, go ahead and look at the other forms to see if you can help anyone out.

Some people would assume that we take all the people and match them up, but we aren't going to do that. This is because we assume that if you say you want workers, you do not want to hire any of the people listed, or if you say you want a job you do not want to work at any of the places listed.

Oh, and we did not create some sort of new system on Gaia - you're not guaranteed to randomly wake up one morning and have tons of gold. This is meerly a system created to allow people to help people - you do something for someone, and they thank you with a pay.

"I love the Gaia Job Center everyone there is really nice, it's a lot of fun, and its an amazingly awesome place." - Lady Jessie